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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Redemption Story #15 - God's Replacement

I was born in a “Sunday Christian” home. We rarely went to church and we did our regular prayer before dinner but really we had no relationship with God. During my childhood I thought I was a Christian just because I knew about Jesus. No one in my family showed that they had a relationship with God so I had no idea what it meant to be a Christian.

When I started public school the Lord blessed me with my best friend, who was also my neighbour, and she came from a strong Christian family. We were inseparable, so until the seventh grade I attended all sorts of social church events that my friend invited me to except for Sunday morning church itself.

It wasn’t until January of 2005 that I began to attend church with my father after he had recently accepted Christ into his life again. After the first service I decided I liked it. Everyone was so happy and friendly there and I felt welcomed immediately. That’s when I began to attend church regularly.

The next year I started High School and my best friend introduced me to the local youth group. Soon I started going on youth trips to youth conferences where they would talk all weekend about Jesus. And I loved it.

In the ninth grade, I went to another youth conference. This one was in Victoria and it was the largest one I had ever been to until then. It was after a concert when a speaker came up and at the end of his message he asked "if anyone wants to accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour to come up to the front to the stage." I looked around and was nervous at first. There were thousands of people there and no one got up for a few seconds. Then all of a sudden before I knew it I was making my way to the front, through the cramped aisles and towards the stage. A lady came over to me right away and prayed with me. I accepted God into my life then.

However, a short time after this youth conference the enemy put an obstacle in my path. I started to date this boy in my high school. He said he wanted to learn more about God. I thought I could build him up while dating but instead he was pulling me down.

After a while of dating he soon became involved with drugs. I didn't want to judge him since I knew some people who were enthusiastic for Christ now, but used to do drugs in their past. I constantly told him to quit and he kept saying he would but he never did. I was naive and confused; so I kept giving him second chances thinking he really would change.

Soon the drugs began to control him; he became a different person and he started to try to control me. Telling me when and who I can hangout with and pressuring me into things I knew weren’t right. Although on the outside I looked like I had it together, I had good grades and seemed content all the time, I was trying to cover up what was really happening.

And for a while I thought that I did have it all together, that I was doing something good by helping my boyfriend discover more about God. Only he didn’t want to accept it after a while.  In the later stage of our relationship he would often become angry with me to the point were I started to get scared of being near him. This clearly wasn't a healthy relationship, and I knew this at the time. And God was telling me to “get out now” but I refused. I was too stubborn then to give control to God. I kept thinking that I could fix it by myself.

I remember one November afternoon during eleventh grade when my Dad told me that I should be only dating someone if I have the intentions of marrying them. That is when it stuck. I finally understood. I went to my room and thought and prayed for a long time and realized that I didn’t want to spend my life with this person. More importantly I realized God didn’t want me to spend my life with this person. Finally, after almost two years of dating I listened to God. I began to trust him then. 

After the break-up I felt relieved. I was sad for a few days because I felt “empty” but soon the hole was filled with Christ. See the whole time I was dating I was trying to fill this emptiness I had, it wasn’t until after that I realized only a relationship with God can do that.

Soon I began to hangout with my youth group friends again, and started becoming even more involved in the church. Others could tell I was different since the break-up. I was actually happy. And they told me that I had a “glow” now.

For about three years now I have relied on God. I trust him now. Completely. I know what it means to have a relationship with him. And I have committed my life fully to him. It’s crazy to think how only a few years ago my life was so different. I was focusing my life on a boy. I was replacing God by that relationship. I know now God is #1 in my life.

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