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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Redemption Story #11 - Deceived

When Matt encouraged us to send in our redemption stories, I wondered where to begin. I wondered which testimony God would have me bring to Revolution Church. 
When I was born, I was born with dyslexia. This meant that I could not read or write properly and I was supposed to fail grade 1. How does a person fail grade 1?! My parents talked to my teacher about letting me continue on to grade 2 and I was allowed to advance. During the course of that summer, my parents prayed for my healing and by the end of grade 2, I had gone from the bottom of the reading class to the top and my dyslexia was healed. A miracle.
In Jr and Sr High School, though healed of dyslexia, I struggled academically. One thing I knew about myself is that I had a huge heart for God and desire to tell others about Him. With that passion, a friend and I organized a Christian Fellowship Club at our secular school in Surrey and within 2 yrs grew from 2 of us to over 50 regular attenders! Exciting!
After school, I wanted to pursue this passion for God and signed up for a DTS aka Discipleship Training School with YWAM and during that time begin to witness more miracles. Then, in 1995 I left B.C. to attend a School of Ministry in Missions and Churchplanting. My heart was to know God more and to serve Him but what I soon discovered is that I had signed up for something I was not expecting.
I joined a school and church in which people were flying in from all over the world and I was witnessing some very strange behavior! I saw people (pastors even) acting drunk, laughing uncontrollably, "jerking", shaking, manifesting demons... what on earth was going on?
As a student I was told to take it in (step into the river), drink deeply, etc. In fact, most of the students in my class were acting in such bizarre ways, totally out of control yet saying they were in control. Really?! 
Finally, I had enough of feeling like the odd one out by not manifesting these actions. I made up my mind that since I had quit work, sold my car and spent the money to attend school, I had better make the most of my experience. With that attitude, I opened myself right up! Next thing I knew, I was jerking and shaking and being soaked in attention because of this. I had caught "the anointing" and I was "in". 
6 months later I came home excited that I was going to bring this "anointing" back to the church. The church I attended did not accept this "anointing" from God so I quit church, angry that these people could be so close minded. 
I left church for over a year and during this time began hearing voices. At the school we were not taught to test the spirits or to discern everything (biblical). We were taught that everything that happened was of the Holy Spirit. 
The voices I heard soon led me not only to quit church but work, competitive rowing which I had been apart of, close my bank account and my biggest fantasy became one of going to live on the streets. I even believed it was God telling me to do these things and that I was simply being obedient to Him.
One day, I took a look at my life and felt so depressed. I had nothing and was tired of fighting - voices, demons, etc. Life was exhausting! I asked myself how this could be the blessed life that Jesus spoke about in John chapter 10? 
Finally, I was willing to admit that I had been deceived. I had attended a school in which everything was "of God" even though it was not. I had followed signs and wonders, opened myself up to unbiblical teachings, stopped reading my bible and stopped attending church.
Humbled, I confessed my sins before God and man. I came clean. I started my journey back towards healing and restoration. I returned to church, found a job, reopened my bank account. I stopped manifesting and began to experience a peace and joy in simply being. Not in striving for attention or "more Lord" but in resting in Jesus and in His love for me. 
What I did not know is that after all this, the Lord would open doors for me to publically speak out about my experiences. Remember how I was born with dyslexia and couldn't read or speak? The Lord allowed me to speak to many groups in B.C. (even at a Full Gospel Business Mens Luncheon in Langley and I am a woman!), at gatherings in Washington State, even at a youth conference in Holland!
Today I am blessed that after all these years, the Lord continues to allow me to speak to individuals and groups about my experiences on how I became free and how they can to. 
The verses I have chosen re: the above, 'But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong.' - 1 Cor. 1:27.  'But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.' -  Matt 6:33  'Test everything!' - 1 Thes. 1:21.
Thank you for taking the time to read this!  God Bless!

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